A Plethora of Goals

imageUsually, it kills me on the inside when I have to decide what I want do and people advise me to only follow one path instead of everything I love doing. Let’s just say it’s a long list, but not exorbitantly long.

Consider the case of kids. Their minds and their choices till the age of fourteen or fifteen or sometimes even eighteen, behave erratically and never actually settle in a righteous and stable path. Being a stubborn toddler, one would’ve wanted to become a policeman and another, a wrestler. Some looked up at the moon and thought about all the breathtaking wonders of the planets and stars and galaxies and decided to indulge in becoming an astronaut (or a spaceman as they irrationally call it).

Yet, they change. It would be sudden and abrupt, but that’s just the way they are. Once they witness a different situation or get influenced by something on the TV like a mere firetruck, their nature of choice becomes vicisstudinous. This impetuous process continues till their second last year at school or even the last year or sometimes, alarmingly even after their eighteen.

Once we arrive at that stage, BOOM! We beget a decison and we pursue its journey and persevere by overtaking and defeating the obstacles. It sounds great and in fact is.

But what if my interests lie in vast groups of fields rather than, in just a particular one? Does that mean I can’t persist in all and I’d have to choose? images(6)Or does it signify that I’m dreaming too much and am going to make a mess out of this strange amalgam of goals?

Many point out in a coercible manner that I’d fail in excelling out my entire list and would inturn be a horrendous jack of all trades. That could be congruent with many.

But is that actually acceptable? It’s hard enough for me to circumvent and choose one, just because some bastards believe my goals can’t be consummated in one lifetime. I feel that is comprehensively erroneous. I am not a little kid or even a teenager. I’m almost an adult and I have envisioned, not dreamt, but envisioned what all I want to achieve, where I want to be, where my true mind and passion lies. And I, candidly and unflinchingly, will not be able to avert or sacrifice even one vision.

The phenomenal Hollywood actress, Nicole Kidman once said, “The ultimate destination for anyone is death. So, make sure you do what you alone want to do ’cause you have just one life.” I couldn’t agree more. With just one life under our belt, we got to do what we want to do, whether it’s travel to space, unravel the secrets of science or explore the peaks of freakishly colossal mountains, we have got to make sure we deliver and fulfill before we depart.

One clear example is the great and ostentatious Howard Hughes. Being a radio engineer, business tycoon, aviation pilot, aeronautical engineer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, inventor, he even made sure he’d become an Oscar-winning filmmaker. images(7)Not to mention, he dated a superfluous number of beautiful actresses. But this man defied all odds and pursued not one, not two, but each and every one of his passionate goals.

Therefore, it is absolutely, one hundred percent, not wrong to decide that you want to be everything you envisoned. But there is a catch. You got to work extra hard and extravagantly. Make those goals tranform into visions and make those visions pull you forward to make yourself dedicative.

You’ve got one life. One shot. Regrets will be ensued. Nevertheless, make the most of it and don’t be constrained and hampered by the thoughts and incorrigible illusions of the society. Let there emerge a plethora of goals, ideas and conceptions in your mind!



  1. Benita Tresa · August 16, 2016

    Yu hav captured the right mentality of many youngsters who suffered to identify themselves whn thy get to know their potentiality. I hope through this,their ideas of being multi potential is not a failure but an assert. Good wrk Arjun 😃


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