Food- A revelry to begin with

Have you tasted it? Stupid question, I agree. But what I really mean is HAVE YOU ACTUALLY TASTED FOOD?


The Fresh Start of the Day… Waffle tower

Food is the inevitable element of life which is available everywhere in superfluous forms. I don’t just mean at certain places like in an excellent restaurant serving the unrivalled lobsters and seafood in town or at the bakery ten metres away, from which you could smell the redolent aroma tingling your taste buds to a world beyond ours. I, literally, mean everywhere. What about the tree hanging above your head? It supplies millions of amounts of nutritious chemicals in its sap, not to mention the juicy fruits hanging from its branches.


The juiciest of the juiciests!!!

Food has this inexplicable power of attracting us towards itself. Not even the world’s most powerful magnet is comparable to such an aromatic draw at any level. It almost grasps us like an omnipotent force more powerful than the gravity rupturing in a black hole. And the best part is that the factor contributing to this force isn’t one, but many. The malleable appearance. The uncharacteristic smell, or moreover, the summation of different types of aromas. The soft tender texture as you pierce your fork through it.

One purpose that food unwillfully serves is the reminiscence of nostalgic memories. It is brought about through that special bite of a food you have no idea about. And then, all of a sudden, the neurons in your brain start firing uncontrollably, evoking a memory from the past to run in your head like a flashback scene from one of those Nolan’s movies. A few months back, I had one of these succulent mouth-watering bacon sandwiches. Now it had been seven or eight years since I’ve eaten one. So I did. And the moment I chewed my first bite and sensed that marvellous taste run down my tongue, it clicked. A past memory of an 8-year old me gulping down my bacon strips in Canada, just recovered my affiliation and love towards that place. It re-encountered the good old days and how much I miss Canada. That’s what food does and that’s what food is. It’s a symbol or even a beacon. The right food can elicit the right recollection.


Bacon trap!!!

And the most expressive and marketable aspect of food that’ll make everyone enchanted: TASTE. Undoubtedly, every human being of the 21st century has always craved for some dish or the other. The range is categorized under each one’s favorable taste. It begins with the raw ingredients and as you go further, you start adding more crucial essentialities accompanied by a quirky formula. You mix, stir and cook it up. If an archaic caveman had sat through this whole process, he would have assumed the future of his species lost a few nuts and bolts along the road of evolution, but no. As you complete, the end product is, flabbergastingly, a heavenly endearing dish that can match no boundaries.

A woman I look up to, once told me that man is satisfied by nothing, except food. The only moment he says ‘Enough’ is when his stomach in inundated with food.


An art of veracious magnitude


Food is absolutely the omnipotent magnus opus of all art forms.


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